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Registration is temporaily closed

The "interest only" registration period is over and we received outstanding results! Efforts are currently underway to estimate league sizes based on assumed field availability. Once we have these estimates we will advise on which age groups and divisions have openings and which are full / wait listed.


Jeffco Coop

***Fall Baseball and COVID-19***

To all of our fall baseball teams, players, parents, vendors, and partners -

         I hope this finds you and your families well. It goes without saying, if you are reading this you have been affected one way or the other by the pandemic over the last few months, and unfortunately the Jeffco Coop fall baseball program is no different. Based on current circumstances and information recently obtained we are up against a few very real challenges. I hope to take a moment of your time to be open and honest with all of you with what I currently know surrounding our chances of getting to play baseball this fall. 

         First being field availability. In efforts to keep the public at large safe, parks and field use and availability are currently being limited by Jefferson County. The total number of people currently allowed at any one complex is 125. Without risking overcrowding our typically used sports complexes and putting people at risk this effectively limits us to 2 ball fields at most locations, maybe 3 at some if we restrict all spectators. For an example, last season on game days our program was playing on 25 to 30 fields all over the Littleton and Lakewood areas. With the number of fields currently estimated to be released for our use we are expecting to have half of our fields at best.

       Another challenge and concern is the overall interest in youth sports this fall. Speaking for South Jeffco Sports only, we’ve seen a dropout rate from spring sports participation in the 20-30% range, for various reason, but mostly related to concerns over the pandemic. Additionally, the fact that our season overlaps with other fall sports, competing leagues, the changing tournament baseball landscape, along with concern about the uncertainty of COVID-19 moving forward, we are worried about how many people will be registering to play anyway. When combining these issues, the right combination of fields, players and conditions to produce a viable season may or may not happen.

         So to parents, coaches and GM’s. The decision has been made to open registration with no upfront registration feeREGISTRATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JULY 3rd.  After this time the decision will be made to continue with the fall baseball paid registration and season or cancel based on the number of registrations, updates on field availability, crowd limits, Jefferson County and the state of Colorado guidelines and other factors.

         As quickly as things are changing these days we hope in a week this is all old, outdated information and we have a clearer path to fall ball. Please understand we are doing the best we can with the information currently available to us so be patient with us.

         With that said, if you have any interest in playing this with us this fall please register your team or player without delay - links below!! Strong registrations numbers is about all we can control and the more interest we see the more likely we’ll get to play some baseball this fall. No payment will be expected until we are certain we will have a season.

Stay safe everyone!


Jeff Cox

Welcome to the Jeffco Fall Baseball League!

Jeffco Cooperative Fall Baseball is hosted by South Jeffco Baseball and Bear Creek Baseball. With over 1000 players and over 90 teams each year. This is the premier fall baseball league in Colorado with teams coming from all over the front range and mountain communities. Play baseball in the Littleton and Lakewood areas under the best weather, at the best venues, and against the best competition with us! We welcome full and partial team registrations as well as individual players.

General Information

  • Games on Sunday only, in the Littleton and Lakewood area, double-header league (games start as early as 8am)
  • No games on Labor Day weekend.
  • Play more games with Jeffco Coop. 12 games in six weeks (6-8 division will play 1 game per Sunday)
  • Plus... End-of-year single elimination tournament
  • Practice fields are provided for individually registered teams and players only. One night a week per team, day of the week is usually at the coaches discretion and will be at Littleton and Lakewood area fields.
  • Multiple divisions for fair competition for all ages (K-8), new to experienced!
    • ​14D1, 14D2
    • 13D1, 13D2, and 13D3
    • 11/12D1, 11/12D2, 11/12D3
    • 9/10D1, 9/10D2, 9/10D3,
    • 8u (Kid Pitch)
    • 6-8 (Modified Kid Pitch)
  • Formation of divisions subject to the number of teams registered and divisions may be combined for regular season play
  • ​For additional details please see the Fall Baseball FAQ.

Important Dates

  • 6/22/2020  - Registration begins
  • 7/31/2020  - Registration ends
  • 8/16/2020  - Practices begin (one field practice per week)
  • 8/23/2020  - First games
  • 9/6/2020     - No games (Labor Day)
  • 10/4/2020  - Last regular season games
  • 10/11/2020   - End Of Year Tournament
  • 10/18/2020  - Makeup Date for Tournament

Divisions and Ages

Fall baseball is intended for players to get experience and prepare for the grade/age level they will be participating in the coming spring season. For that reason players are primarily placed based on the grade they will be going into in the coming fall school season. For example the 6-8 and 8u age division are generally made up of K, 1st graders and 2nd graders; the 9/10 division is 3rd and 4th graders; 11/12 is 5th and 6th graders; 13's are 7th graders and 14's are 8 graders. No player entering their freshman year of high school is eligible to participate.

Divisions within each age group will be formed based on number of teams, the competitive and skill levels of the players, and other factors.

6-8 is an open division. Meaning players and teams of all skill levels will play together. This is a modified kids pitch league intended for the younger players to get experiance seeing pitches from other players. There are some special rules that apply only to the 6-8 division. Please see rules link below for more information.

8u is an open division. This division is intended for the younger players to compete at the highest skill level and for those players ready for the next level of baseball. There are some special rules that apply only to the 8u division. Please see rules link below for more information.

9/10D3 is a developmental division. This divsion is inteneded for those 3rd and 4th graders that may be new to baseball or those players just finishing their last years of coach pitch or modified kids pitch baseball. This division will help players get ready for spring baseball and having kids pitch to them all the time. There are some special rules that apply only to the 9/10D3 division. Please see rules link below for more information.

D1 - This is for teams and players at the highest skill levels and experience. Teams that were majors level or high level AAA this past spring would likely fall into this division. Depending on registrations and particiapation mid to low level AAA teams and players could end up in D1

D2 - This is for teams and players that are looking for a higher competition level than the beginner/develomental D3 and for the older AA and lower level AAA teams and players for the mixed age divisions.

D3 - This is for teams and players that are beginners to baseball, need some more playing time to develop their skills or are the younger AAA teams and AA teams and players for the mixed age divisions.


Player and team placement is based on 2021 Spring Season Play. Players entering High School this fall are not eligible.


  • 14         - 60' pitching, 90' bases (pitching mounds)
  • 13         - 54' pitching, 80' bases (pitching mounds if available)
  • 11-12   - 50' pitching, 70' bases
  • 9-10     - 46' pitching, 65' bases ​
  • 8u         - 40' pitching, 60' bases (Kid Pitch) If not enough interest, kids will move to 6-8 MKP or 9/10D3 division per parent/coach request
  • 6-8       - 40' pitching, 60' bases (Modified Kid Pitch)

Ages as of midnight, April 30, 2021

Fall baseball rules click HERE

Fees and Registration

Individual Player Registration: Individual Player Registration is for players needing a team and/or players who have a team but will utilize the league provided jerseys, insurance and practice facilities

  • Age Divisions 6-8 (Modified Kid Pitch, 6 game regular season and playoff) ...........$120.00 per player
  • Age Divisions 8u -14's (Kids pitch, 12 game regular season and playoff) ............... $230.00 per player

Individual Player Registration click HERE

Team Registration: Full Team Registration is for teams, typically club, that a coach is registering. These teams must provide their own jerseys, insurance and practice facilities.

  • 6-8 (Modified Kid Pitch, 6 game regular season and playoff) ................................. $1,150.00 per team
  • 8u - 14's (Kids pitch, 12 game regular season and playoff) ......................................$1,900.00 per team
    • Note: Coaches and GM's, if you select this option, you must provide your own team insurance, jerseys, and practice fields. 

Team Registration, Coaches/GM's click HERE



Director Contacts

Fall Baseball Director - South Jeffco Baseball: Jeff Cox -




Thank you for choosing Jeffco Sports Cooperative Baseball!